Zika virus

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Zika virus

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Zika Virus, an Aedes mosquito-borne flavivirus, has been spreading at a very high rate becoming a global public health concern (Gubler et al. 861). For instance, it is suspected to be associated with more than four thousand current cases of microcephaly among infants in Brazil. The virus was identified in Uganda in 1947 by a group of researchers who were by then doing some research on yellow fever (WHO). The single-stranded RNA virus belonging to flavivirus genus was first noticed in monkeys (Lanteri et al. 1907). After that, the infection was seen in humans in both Tanzania and Uganda. Zika virus was believed to have a low virulence; this was by analysis of the fatality rates. However, there was a widespread Zika virus exposure to humans by 1980s. Since then, outbreaks have been reported in the Pacific, Asia, America, and Africa.
Global Aspects of the Virus
Several measures are being taken by governments to manage the spread of the virus. International health organizations, for example, The World Health Organization (WHO), are collaborating with the ministries of health from different nations to prevent the virus spread and also find a long lasting cure to Zika virus (Lanteri et al. 1909).The World Health Organization (WHO) is also collaborating with officials of health from different countries around the globe to determine the virus’ research priorities.
To prevent the transmission of the virus, various governments around the globe a…

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