Write to my boss on why I deserve a raise.

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Write to my boss on why I deserve a raise.

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Progress in one’s career path is every employee’s dreams as it culminates into promotions and a pay raise to compliment the hard work and time invested in working for the organization. Since I was recruited into the company, I have made it my mission to adhere to the rules of the workplace (Fletcher 475). This has involved keeping in mind that the workforce comprises of a team and a good rapport among the staff will boost cohesion and teamwork. I have ensured healthy relationships strengthened by love for helping others to improve efficiency and minimize break down in the flow of activities. This is reflected in my commitment to the objectives of the firm that focuses on working effectively with others in the workplace both the superiors and my colleagues.
My ability to quickly comprehend and execute the tasks assigned by my superiors has ensured that I am one of the leading problem solvers in the department. I remember on one occasion when the systems had failed, and I was forced to critically analyze the situation and save the firm from the verge of delays. We had to divide the department into two groups and tackle the workload and ensure that the clients were satisfied and happy. All this is evidence of my passion for the job and my commitment to the company and consumers that we serve daily. My performance record speaks for itself, and a raise will act as a motivator to keep up the good…

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