Write a five paragraph summary of And of Clay are we Created

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Write a five paragraph summary of And of Clay are we Created

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“And of Clay are we Created” Summary
“And of Clay Are We Created,” is the last story in the collection “The Stories of Eva Luna” written by Isabel Allende. The theme illustrated in this story is that of self-discovery by way of love. It is based on real-life events of Omayra Sanchez who was a victim of an earthquake that happened in Colombia in 1985.
The story begins by a young Azucena stuck in neck deep mud pit. This is caused by a volcanic eruption that melts the ice causing mudslides in Latin America and killing thousands (Allende 249). The events are shown on television delivered by Rolf Carle who is the narrator’s lover and first reporter at the scene.
Carle while filming the rescue attempts ends up assisting by going into the mud and providing Azucena with a rope to tie herself. This doesn’t work as something was holding her legs. The narrator notices Carle losing objectivity in news delivery and becoming more emotionally connected to the young girl. Carle goes ahead to put a tire under Azucena’s shoulders in an attempt to prevent further sinking (Allende 252).
There being no pump to drain the water, Carle remains with the girl overnight to the following day telling her stories about his experiences to calm the situation. The narrator, while watching the progressing events, goes to the station to see the transmission via satellite. She is involved in the rescue attempts by assisting in p…

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