World War II: The American Experience

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World War II: The American Experience

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World War II: The American Experience
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World War II remains as a highly relevant conflict in the United States’ history. The war itself has many lessons a prospective historian could learn. Not only in military strategy; weapons, and countries, but in how the future and relevance of a country can change as the result of an armed conflict. In the same way, the war made a point on how countries can set aside their differences and fight a common enemy who not only threats a few countries but intends to carry a flawed idea to the rest of the world. In this essay, we shall analyze the United States involvement in World War II, along with analysis and recounts of the main campaigns and operations conducted by the army during the conflict.
There is no doubt about how horrible World War II was; not only to the warring countries but the rest of the world. Many countries who fought the war still suffer from economic and social consequences that stemmed from the war. In the same way, what began as a conflict of interests ended up with the arrival of a new regime to Germany. The National Socialist Party, led by Adolf Hitler reshaped the country. Breaking the treaty of Versailles, signed after World War I, decided to rearm the country, and invade Poland on 1 September 1939 (Dzwonchyk & Skates, 1992). After that operation, known as blitzkrieg, the world’s eyes were in Germany, waiting for them to make the next move.

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