Workplace Law

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Workplace Law

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Workplace Law
As per the text, employment at will is a concept that not only give employers the power to discharge a worker due to any reason or without no reason at all, but it also gives them the power to change employment terms except when specific exceptions cover employees. The same case applies to employees as they can also cease from going to their jobs without any reason. Employment at will appears as if it provides employers with free supremacy to terminate employment at their wish, but this is not the case as “wrongful termination” is the main exemption to this kind of employment (Goodman & French, 2011). According to Howe (2013), employees in the US, devoid of a written contract of employment may be discharged for bad, good, or no reasons except when the judiciary intervene to prevent these wrongful dismissals. The text goes further to point out that employers are obliged to reveal the causes of dismissal whether good or bad. This is supported by Goodman & French (2011), who pointed out in their research that the employers should define reasons for employment termination. Additionally, employees should be made aware of their dismissal dates plus the reasons.
On the other hand, Wrongful discharge is a circumstance in which an employee is discharged from work, and his/her dismissal is against the terms of the contract or employment statute. As per the text, “wrongful termination” is a rule that requires proof of how the employee acted against the agreement or…

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