Why Poverty

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Why Poverty

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Why Poverty
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Why Poverty
Based on a report by Oxfam, 42 people in the world hold wealth equal to that of 3.7 billion combined. As an indicator of lifestyle, such findings reveal a widening gap between the poor and the elites. The inequality presented only poses rhetoric to the world leaders, governments, and other institutions responsible for promoting people’s status (Elliott, 2018). Specifically, education systems and institutions have a big role in closing this inequality. Currently, the most valuable effort government can make to address poverty is to increase employment, entrepreneurship, and health of its citizens through education.
The proponents of education’s role in poverty supports that it raises opportunities for generating personal income through some ways. First, equips one with the marketable skills, thus increasing the chances of securing employment. In some cases, countries with the highest illiteracy level record the highest rates of unemployment. This is common to many sub-Saharan countries such as Sudan. Specifically, South Sudan has a literacy level of 27 percent and its unemployment rate is currently hiking above 20 percent (Cago, 2016). For this reason, many global institutionalized objectives such as Millennium Development Goals establish education as the most valuable investments a government can make in it people to alleviate poverty.
Second, education enables one to think creatively as entrepre…

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