Why Pharmacy and why Houston University.

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Why Pharmacy and why Houston University.

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Admission Essay
Since my childhood, I have always expressed my interest in serving in a hospital facility where I can solve problems affecting individuals in their immediate environment. In this case, pursuing pharmacy at Houston University has always been my dream because of the deep history that is shared by the institution of higher learning to its students. Learners who enroll in various courses such as pharmacy in the institution are exposed to a wide range of activities that shape their perspectives and align their interests with the expectations of the job market. Hence, learning institutions should prepare the mindsets of their students by informing them about the challenges in the business environment.
Unlike in the technological world where social media and the internet have dominated the world, pharmacy requires the physical involvement of individuals when interacting with people in their immediate environment. Although robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are concepts that are being used in other fields to improve the outcomes of events, pharmacists should be able to make a sound judgment, communicate with patients, offer expert counseling and demonstrate a certain level of professionalism when dispensing their duties in the workplace. Unfortunately, robots are only programmed to provide specific information and cannot engage individuals on a conversation based on their ailment.
Learning institutions should prepare the mind…

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