Why is their a higher rate of college drop outs in Latinos

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Why is their a higher rate of college drop outs in Latinos

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Why Is Their A Higher Rate of College Drop Outs in Latinos Students
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Why is there a higher rate of College dropouts in Latinos?
In a National Education Association article, the issue of Latino students dropping out was termed as a ‘silent crisis’. The numbers, too, support the statement. When it comes to investigating the factors for why Latino students drop out of college, there are numerous researchers that will provide one with the figures and the definitive statements. The reasons are varied: some drop out due to financial stress; some are isolated, and others do not receive enough support either from family or from the school itself CITATION Ful11 l 16393 (Fuller, 2011).
The real questions are these: why do Latino students drop out of college? Are these factors exterior or interior? What is the larger impact on the country due to the rise in this number, and what is the impact on the community itself? Aside from the large number of deprived students that studies focus on, the answer to most of these lies in an intricate research, which is what this paper has tried to do.
This paper aims to focus on the factors that lead to students dropping out of college, and focuses on how one can reduce the frequency of their occurrence in the lives of Latino students. Moreover, it aims to prove that more than the house, a friendly environment in the educational institute, and good preparation for college is…

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