Career Development

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Career Development

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Career Development
The assessment results reflect what one is good at. However, it is possible to use more of what one is good at to obtain and maintain employment after graduation. This involves determining one’s soft skills that show the personal attributes that allow a person to harmoniously and effectively interact with others. These soft skills include time- management, networking, online search, writing, and decision making (Izzo, Margo, and Lamb, 12). Skills line networking, and online search helps a graduate get to know about employment and seek to be in one. Other skills support the graduate to maintain the excellent relationship at work with other employees and the boss. Another way is to identify one’s right behaviors that influence how one goes about learning the right skills and their application. These behaviors include the demonstration of patience, compassion, one’s stability, and consistency. The behaviors are essential for one to obtain and maintain employment since employers expect employees with the right skills.
As a medical office assistant, the skills assessed by the Applied Mathematics assessment are important in my career readiness. This is because, part of my duties involves receiving, recording, and filing of medical payments by cash, credit card, and check. These responsibilities require one to have the excellent knowledge of mathematics since they involve working with financial quantity in numbers. The sk…

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