why Immigration is bad In the eyes of a mathematician

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why Immigration is bad In the eyes of a mathematician

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Why Is Immigration Bad:
Some immigrants “find it to their interest to be good citizens and neither their religion nor political opinion can injure us if we have good laws, well executed” (Lemay 126). Despite the many challenges faced by immigrants in a country, the question of how they influence the area they migrate to lingers in peoples mind and while some have the notion that they always have good effect in the countries, many others continue with the outcry that they act as competitors in the ever-limited resources the country is endowed with. Do the immigrants feel they are a threat? Critically looking, they serve as sources of cheap labour and employers have an inclination to employ them as this will lower their production cost. Also, they bring with them a new culture that allows the residences to diversify and learn new things. However, despite these advantages, immigration bring along many challenges, and the paper is intended to discuss those challenges in depth.
There are many motives why individuals choose to leave their homes and relocate to new places. Migrants may move in a new country to seek political freedom, for economic reasons, to escape natural catastrophe or ethnic conflicts (Barkan 5).
Being a migrant in a new country is challenging because one has to adapt to new changes; cultural beliefs and traditions, laws and languages (ViewCaps 8). Most people view immigrants negatively, and I think it b…

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