Why college tuition in New Jersey should be free.

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Why college tuition in New Jersey should be free.

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Why College Tuition in New Jersey Should Be Free
College education has become necessary and also attracts the same importance as that attached to the K-12 system. Tuition fees levied for one to attain college education are exorbitant thus locking many people out of the system. New Jersey, would not be the only state in the USA to implement a tuition-free college attendance; other states have already rolled out the system (Heyboer). In one-way non-existence of free college tuition leads to brain drain for the state of New Jersey. For these and many other related reasons, college tuition in New Jersey should be free.
Many students out of high school come from families that cannot afford standard college tuition fees in New Jersey. The existing formula of funding public colleges is unfair as it relies on uniform funding criteria rather one that takes into account the number of students each college admits. Due to lack of funding, college tuition is not affordable to many students out of the K-12 system (Cottom).
A free college education is already available in other states in the USA. The states of Tennessee, Oregon, and Minnesota have in place tuition-free colleges. One recent entrant into the free college states is New York which has in place the Excelsior Scholarship program (Heyboer). The state of New Jersey can too model its own free college education program. New Jersey can expand the STARS (Students Tuition Assista…

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