Why choose nursing as a career

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Why choose nursing as a career

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Why choose to nurse as a career

In my view, a career in nursing is not really a profession; it is a promise to serve others. Being a nurse gives you a way to make a difference in people’s lives by being at their service in their most difficult times of suffering. As a nurse, I wish to inspire, relieve pain, show compassion and dedicate my life to patients. I am fully aware of the responsibilities which come with the nursing career and I am willing to pour all the passion from my heart into this field.
I have always had a strong interest in the medical field. Biology, physiology and the mechanisms of life have always fascinated me the most. As a result, my bookcase is full of books of this kind and I have the strength of the required basic knowledge, which I intend to broaden. In my opinion, a nurse, unlike other professions, does require not only the right knowledge but also a caring, compassionate and patient soul. Luckily, my family has always emphasized to me that helping a person in need is one of the most admirable things you can do. It does not only help the sufferer but also yourself grow. Your heart expands with every act of love. I have followed their advice in my life so far and have found it to be absolutely true. Consequently, I strongly believe that a nursing career is the one I was born to serve. I am certain that I can thrive in the nursing field as I have the determination and serious attitude to do my best and improve my qualities. I can brin…

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