Where Sweatshops Are a Dream

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Where Sweatshops Are a Dream

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Where Sweatshops are a DreamCounter-argument
In his article, “Where Sweatshops Are a Dream” Kristoff seeks to persuade the audience into believing that there are reasons why the government should legalize sweatshops. Making a comparison of the experiences of the families living in the dumping sites with the workers working in sweatshops, Kristoff asserts that the conditions of the sweatshop “by comparison would be far more pleasant and less dangerous” (Kristof 1). He further purports that sweatshops for children should be legalized for it is one of the routes out of poverty. However, it should be noted that legalizing sweatshop for children would not solve the problems of those living in the dumping sites. Also, legalizing sweatshops can never be a way out of poverty but instead a means of encouraging poverty within and without a country. Sweatshops would not guarantee jobs for the dumping sites families since even in these workplaces, various forms of qualifications; for example, academic qualification would be one of the requirements. Therefore, it is apparent that the sweatshops will not help change the lives “dumping sites” families.
Sweatshops are a bad idea for two main reasons. First, legalization of sweatshops would mean that the government has failed in protecting the interests and the welfares of its citizens. Notably, every citizen hopes that his or her welfare get protected by the government of the day, therefore, legal…

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