What I’ve learned from my writing skills class.

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What I’ve learned from my writing skills class.

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What I’ve learned from my writing skills class
For a long time, I thought that writing is something that came naturally, and there were no guidelines on how to be a god writer. That was until I heard a writing skills class as part of my course. This course covered everything involved in writing, from grammar to how writers write. Going through the outline increased my interest in writing and through the course I discovered that with a few tips and guidelines writing skills can be improved. This paper shares my experience in the writing class. It also includes everything I have learned during the entire course.
The first part of this class dealt with the basics of writing like grammar, sentencing, paragraphs, letters as compositions, how to talk to a reader and essay writing. Grammar forms the core of writing. A good writer is expected to know how and when to use nouns and pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. It is this knowledge that one uses to form sentences that are grammatically correct. I also learned that sentences have two parts –subject and the predicate– and how they complement each other to make a sentence.
The first part of this class is in perfect order with every topic building up to the other. Sentences have to be grammatically correct, and when combined, sentences form paragraphs that in turn create the essay or story. For a story to make sense, the writer’s t…

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