Visit an balboa park redwood

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Visit an balboa park redwood

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Visit on Balboa Park Redwood
For my hiking experience, I visited the Redwood Grove in Balboa San Diego, California. The grove is 100-year-old redwood trees. The trees were planted by Kate Sessions a San Diego Botanist around 1915. She made a deal with the city council to be planting at least 100 trees a year and fortunately, there was plenty of water thus the trees did very well. Unfortunately, the trees are dying due to old age. Most of the trees are between 80 and 100 years old. They were planted when there was plenty of water and within a conducive environment. However, the water is diminishing and the climate is changing at an alarming rate. These are the two main factors that are greatly contributing to the decline of the grove.
At the moment, the trees are dying at an exponential rate and it will be a miracle if they come back. However, the city has decided to replace the dying redwood with the Torrey Pines species which can tolerate the diverse effect of climate change. Walking around the forest produced an amazing experience. It had a positive effect on my body, soul and mind. The 2 hours walk was a perfect exercise for my body and mind. I felt happier after the walk. I realized that the walk was like an antidepressant and worked well in reducing stress. This is primarily because I was only interested in the present rather than worrying about other things. The sights, smell and sounds in the grove was wha…

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