Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics

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Virtue Ethics
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Virtue Ethics
The Values in Action Character Strengths Test is very informative as it shows someone his or her strengths and weaknesses. I think the test is very accurate in the way it describes my character strengths. According to the results, honesty is one of my strengths. I agree with it because my friends have always loved my genuine character and the fact that I am not phony. The results of the test prove the readings correct. For example, small acts of kindness over a long period have made me kind. The little acts are equivalent to practicing being kind. It is, therefore, true that humans acquire virtue through practice and the virtues do not change depending on situations (Merritt, 2000). Just like the test result shows, one of my weaknesses is self-regulation. I would like to improve upon this area because I feel that it has the capability of barring me from achieving my dreams. My peers easily influence me, and sometimes I end up doing things I did not want to do.
Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad,’ is one of the Hollywood’s characters that show the importance of being virtuous regardless of the situation. Walter White’s greatest virtue is ambition. However, ambition can be a virtue or a vice depending on what one wants to achieve. Walter White is ambitious in the wrong way because his actions hurt many people that he engages with. However, this character’s actions connect with the readings. He proves th…

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