Valentines vs Christmas

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Valentines vs Christmas

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Valentine and Christmas Day from Couple’s Perspective.
Holidays normally create a chance for people to get together and enjoy quality time. Holidays create a mood where there are relaxation and couples’ benefits most from this chance. Christmas and Valentine holidays are among the memorable holidays that are celebrated worldwide. Both Valentine and Christmas days have some similarities and differences according to how couples view them.
These two days have a slight difference in their traditions. Valentine’s day is a day for lovers to be together and celebrate their romantic relationship (Dance 262). The central theme on this day is the celebration of love, and a couple goes out of their normal routines to express how they feel about their partners. It is characterized by a tradition of men treating their women with pleasant experience. Women expect flowers and an outing to a beautiful location for dinner. Red flowers are also a common feature on valentine’s day.
On the other hand, Christmas is a religious occasion celebrated by Christians. It is not intended for romantic lovers. It is a day where people get a chance to appreciate each other. One of the similarities between Christmas and valentine’s day from a couple’s perspective is that couples get a chance to be together. In these two days, there is an atmosphere of celebrating love. Valentine is exclusively for couples to appreciate each other and Christmas day can provide a chance wh…

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