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Thesis: Vaccines are life-saving substances important in preventing infectious diseases particularly by children; therefore, any person at risk of acquiring a disease should receive the appropriate vaccination.
I. Vaccination has been found to play a crucial in promoting healthy living among people of all age groups particularly children who are at the highest risk of infection by infectious diseases (Singh et al. 625). It involves the use of vaccines which are substances made from weakened or dead microorganisms capable of causing diseases, help to prevent many infections attributed to communicable diseases (Delany, Rappuoli, and De Gregorio 708).
II. The benefit of vaccination is that it is a safe and effective way of protecting other people from acquiring infectious diseases that help to protect future generations and reduce healthcare expenditure (Scudder A7).
III. The recent measles outbreak in Ocean County, New Jersey reported between October 13 and November 9, 2018, is one of the examples where vaccination was considered an effective strategy for preventing further spread of the disease with 14 cases confirmed (“Communicable Disease Service”). The State of New Jersey Department of Health noted that vaccination could protect up to 90% of individuals who have come into close contact with persons with measles virus from acquiring the infection (“Communicable Disease Service”).
IV. In conclusion, vaccination is useful in both children and adults who…

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