Using the Web Effectively for Research

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Using the Web Effectively for Research

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Using the Web Effectively for Research
Using the Web Effectively for Research
There are various ways of analyzing the credibility of the source which a researcher is using in doing his or her work. For example, do the sources make sense to the key objectives of the study? We do have criteria for evaluating sources quality and credibility in research. In this essay, I will use the criteria of C.R.A.A.P which stands for, currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose which was developed by Meriam library.
The content and its main source
You need to understand whether the paper is scholarly or not and if the content contained within the work has empirical evidence of support. In case the evidence has been used by the work, are they supported by the right references and thus holding the credibility of the work? Furthermore, you need to look into whether the work has been reviewed by other people in the field and thus is already reinforced. Other things which need to be checked into include, spelling and grammatical errors. If you find the following things addressed to be true, then that is a credible source for your work.
Who are the author and his qualifications?
In this case, you need to look into things like, whether the author of the source that you are using is a qualified one or not. Can you even have right credentials for the author to prove beyond doubt that he or she is a qualified writer of the source? Other things which we …

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