Use of Psychedelics to treat Mental Illness

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Use of Psychedelics to treat Mental Illness

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Use of Psychedelics to Treat Mental Illness

Annotated Bibliography
Illing, S. (2018). Why psychedelic drugs could transform how we treat depression and
mental illness. Vox.
The article is an interview between Illings and Michael Pollan about the use of psychedelic drugs particularly ayahuasca. Pollan argues out that there is a difference between our brain and mind. He uses the mind to refer to an individual’s conscience. He argues out that the use of psychedelics causes “ego disillusion; a state where the sense of totality disappears. A person feels like they are out of this world. Pollan says that a drop-off in activity is seen on the default mode network (DMN) part of the brain when someone uses psychedelics. The DMN is responsible for building our identity over time. Its alteration makes us see ourselves in a different dimension. Pollan says that research is now getting conducted on the use of psychedelics to treat cancer patients with depressions. So far the outcome is more potent than any therapy sessions.
The research seems viable as its application is already yielding results at Johns Hopkins and NYU. The research is objective as it integrates the use of brain scans to support its research. The writer is reliable as his source Pollan seems to have done extensive research on the field. The source is both scholarly and popular as it narrates the author’s experience after using the psychedelic and also those of patients in a clinical…

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