use of properties in metaphysics

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use of properties in metaphysics

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Use of properties in Metaphysics
According to the article by Tim Crane, the arguments in metaphysics are in the concept that some things can be identical or resemble each other. Such arguments are deeply addressed by the entities of universal and particulars in which the philosophers base their arguments on the identity of some properties. Some philosophers believed that properties are just ordinary things or material. Descartes relative thinking explores that a mind is a concrete object that exists in time but not space while other philosophers argued that some particulars are both time and space bound of which they were referred to as abstract facts. The properties/materials they termed as particulars are chairs, tables, and world wars while others that were immaterial were the human mind. The universal entity is in the away that some properties or things are square, wise, and red regarding color. Among the philosophers, some nominalists believed that our world consists of only particulars but not universals. They argued that universals are properties that are not secure, and they are primitive entities. Additionally, they later realized that there are varieties of universals that cannot deny objects being of the same type since they can possess different colors.

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