Unique Features of E-commerce Technology

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Unique Features of E-commerce Technology

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Unique Features of E-commerce Technology
Unique Features of E-commerce Technology
Since the inception of the internet, the amount of users has increased hence boosting E-commerce technology. This growth is because the internet is available almost everywhere, in buses, homes, airplanes, etc., at a low price or for free. This characteristic makes it an effective tool for businesses to trade globally. E-commerce is the buying and selling or data and fund transfers through an electronic network, the internet, also referred to as electronic commerce. These transactions occur either between businesses and consumers, business-to-business, consumer and firms, and consumers to other consumers.
Global reach can be defined as the minimization of geographical factors in transactions cross-culturally and nationally. Accessibility and worldwide presence of the internet allow businesses to extend their markets globally. This attribute allows businesses to run seamlessly beyond national boundaries. Closely related to that is ubiquity which is the availability of internet everywhere whenever it is needed. This feature offers an extended and unlimited time of access to information online unlike traditional commerce where information is limited to specific locations at specific times. Ubiquity reduces the cost of acquiring information for the customers as well as the mental energy required to make a transaction in a traditional marketplace.

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