Understanding Life Revised

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Understanding Life Revised

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Understanding Life
In such a confusing, ambiguous society sometimes one cannot really know what life is all about due to its unfair nature. It sometimes reaches a point where some people will feel like they are unwanted in the world especially if life seems too difficult to fathom. As some individuals see the sun is setting, somewhere on the globe some folks can be seeing it rising. The beauty and philosophy of one’s life are that it is possible to change it all and that depends on what someone declares what they want and how they want it. According to “The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David K. Shipler” some Americans are absolutely described as low-wage earners and life stands so difficult on their way (Shipler, 7). However, there is need to change the order of a poor life among Americans who are working but stay destitute. The working poor creates an irony in life, since a working class are supposed to live comfortably and rid of poverty in their midst but what really shocks is that the working are staying poor.
The problematic of the good life
The biggest problem in this movie is life challenges among the poor working Americans. Folks are working but still they face numerous challenges in their lives. For example, the poor working individuals both in the private and public institutions go through numerous difficulties. According to Shipler Money and its Opposite, the w…

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