Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. What happened? March 25th of 1911 was among the darkest days in tmerican history. It involved a fire accident that claimed lives of over 145 workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory in New York City. The tragedy paved the way for provision of several laws meant to protect and enhance safety among factory workers. The factor was owned by Isaac Harris and Max Blanck who had other factories producing similar products. The factory was located at the top three floors of a 10-story Asch Building, located in downtown Manhattan. Space was cramped coupled with poor working stations and poor immigrant workers. The workers were not fluent in English and thus a communication barrier ensued. The factory owners had a history of fires in their other factories; Diamond Waist Company factory burning in 1907 and 1910. The fire origin was suspiciously blamed on the owners who supposedly wanted to reap from a large fire-insurance policy they had signed (Kwiatoski 11). This write-up expounds on the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire incident and gives insights on what happened, the good and the bad practices embraced by the company and how the situation was to be fixed.
The factory had 600 workers at the time of tragedy and women were burned alive in the factory, other women jumped from the eighth-floor to their death and others were trapped on the staircases and were burned alive. The firefighters tried to put off the fire but the jumping workers made it…

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