Treating Food Animals Better

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Treating Food Animals Better

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We should treat food animals better because they should not endure “a lifetime of suffering” (312) so that we can pay less. (Pro)
A healthy nation is equally wealthy. This phrase comes to mind when the topic concerning food animals gets discussed. Human health matters so much to any state. This fact is why globally the development goals have to ensure good health of citizens as a critical agenda. Nutrition contributes to good health by a high percentage. Food animals are part of human diet thus play a significant role in human life. In this regard, therefore, questions of how these animals get treated by the human society arise. Some people are found to misuse them while gaining economically from the sale of their meat. These animals deserve better treatment rather than a life of suffering. This fact can get done by ensuring the domesticated
animals are taken good care of before they finally get brought to slaughter.
Firstly, proper care gets achieved by hiring for them caretakers who are skilled and
professional. Cheap pay for unskilled workers amounts to suffering for the animals.Moreover, it is necessary to rear the animals in a clean surrounding with right living conditions. Additionally, feeding them is paramount hence the type of feeds as well as how often they feed should be noted. When these animals fall, sick qualified veterinarians should get sought for their treatment.
Farmers who care about the well-being of t…

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