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Training Program

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Training program
The Karvonen formula assists in determining the target heart rate. The formula relies on the resting and maximum heart rate to obtain the target rate.
Target Heart rate= ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR
Maximum heart rate =220-17(Age) = 203
203- 55(Rest.HR) =148
148*15(intensity) +55(Rest.HR) = 2275 Beats/minutes
During my first meeting session with Clark, I will determine if he is qualified for physical training. This screening will involve identifying health risk elements like obesity or diabetes. I will also collect information regarding Clark’s medical history, chronic sicknesses, and current medications. I will ask for clearance form from Clark’s physician if he is in on any medication. I will perform a fitness assessment so as to structure his training regime. These assessments will help in knowing the exercise intensity of the client as well as his cardiorespiratory ability, (Fleck and Kraemer 3). Once I establish that he is fit for training, I will then encourage him to sign up for the program.
Weeks 1-4
Mondays; 4 sets of T-Bar Row (15 Reps), 4 sets of bench press (15 reps), 2 sets of lad pulldowns (12 reps)
Wednesdays; 5 sets of squat (15reps), 3 sets of crunches (20reps), 4 sets of seated calf raises (12 reps)
Fridays; French press 15reps 2sets, lateral raises 15reps 3 sets, preacher curl 15reps 2 sets
0-60 seconds rest between sets
Saturdays, jog for 5minutes

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