Tobacco smoking must be banned

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Tobacco smoking must be banned

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Tobacco smoking must be banned
Tobacco smoking involves inhalation of burned tobacco. Unlike other drugs, tobacco is often solely smoked. As a matter of fact, tobacco smoking in the U.S. is among the greatest causes of death. The practice also results in various lethal diseases. It is important to note tobacco smoking has been noted in people of all ages. In fact, there are also individuals below the age of 18 that indulge in tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoking should be banned in the same way as other drugs.
As prior mentioned, tobacco smoking is the greatest cause of death in the U.S. Tobacco smoking has a lethal effect on one’s respiratory system. Fore mostly, tobacco smoking often exposes individuals to cancer. Today, a good number of tobacco smokers risk contracting lung cancer. Lung cancer affects the most important part of the body thus leading to death in most instances (White 99). Additionally, tobacco smoking may also cause cancers in other parts of the body such as the kidney, throat, and stomach, among others (Haustein 194). It is also necessary to note that tobacco smoking may accentuate the symptoms of prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and diabetes thus death. For these reasons, tobacco smoking should be banned. Indeed, John Mellencamp acknowledges the lethality of tobacco smoking, “You know, it was cigarettes that killed Jerry Garcia. Everyone thinks it was heroin but, it wasn’t. It w…

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