Thirst for Knowledge.

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Thirst for Knowledge.

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Excessive Thirst for Knowledge as the Means of Self-Destruction
Knowledge has always been treated with caution as a major source of power. While knowledge itself is not dangerous, but often potentially helpful in avoiding danger, thirst for knowledge, if excessive, can be damaging because it either causes a person to rationalize everything (subsequently destroying their morals) or creates additional anxiety within them that affects their entire personality.
The word “knowledge” here can be understood in two dimensions: knowledge as competence (a high level of awareness in a certain field) or as awareness of certain facts that clarify the situation making it more objective. The thirst for knowledge in the first sense is generally positive because it serves as the means of self-development. For instance, it you couldn’t live a day without learning a word, in a few years, you would be able to master the entire language. But it is a relatively “innocent”, personalized example. On a bigger scale, thirst for knowledge helped men discover new lands and create cures for deadly diseases. Every single day it drives them to better their lives by creating and employing new technologies. However, the downside of that is that while these creations can be useful, they are not necessarily safe. Frankenstein’s tragic fate is a testimony to that.
Having acquired forbidden knowledge (transforming an inanimate object …

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