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Leadership is the ability to bring change, motivate, and influence others towards success and effectiveness of a group or an organization. Thus, the primary goal of a leader is to work with his or her followers to achieve the goals of a team. An effective connection between a good leader and the followers is determined by the qualities displayed by both parties. A good follower should be influential to his or her leader by performing duties assigned and encouraging responsibility among other followers. Leaders should work towards creating a good rapport with his followers by learning and understanding the followers. The major components of a good leader are determined by the leadership skills displayed and the successful implementation of the changes necessary in the organization.
Keywords: leadership, followers, PepsiCo, manager, performance.

Over the years, working at PepsiCo has enabled me to perform both the duties of a follower and a leader. During my first years working with the organization, I ensured that I played the roles of a good follower, guaranteeing that I did my best to influence better changes and development within the company. I was careful working as the assistant sales team leader as I propagated positive inputs to control the followers towards achieving the organization’s goals and missions (Northouse, 2017). I got promoted after five years as a sales team leader where I influence…

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