The War in Vietnam, 1963’“1968

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The War in Vietnam, 1963’“1968

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Vietnam War: Causes and Consequences during Johnson’s Administration (1963-1968)
Vietnam War is one of the greatest armed conflicts in the United States history. Not only because its political; social, and economic consequences. Vietnam War is important because it became the one of the most bloody and costly armed conflicts in the history. Besides, it meant a closer and conflictive approach to communism. In a strict sense, we can say that the war was the last armed, full-blown conflict of the War against Communism and an important episode of the Cold War Theater of Operations. The conflict has deep roots, as it began with the American involvement with France in the First Indochina War, where France tried to regain control over its Indochina colonial domains. The fall of the colonial empires after World War II gave Vietnam the possibility of fighting for its independence, and they succeeded, ending the French dominion over the country (Herring, 1991:106). After Vietnam’s independence, a communist regime was set up in the northern part of the country, with help from China, and Russia. That way, the United States saw Vietnam as a small part of its broader involvement in the Cold War. In the same way, the country’s willing to aid the southern part of Vietnam, that had a democratic government, was also an important cause of the first American involvement in the country.
When President Lyndon B. Johnson assumed the presidency, he was …

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