The Taming of the Shrew

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The Taming of the Shrew

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Act 1 The audience is introduced to the two daughters of Baptista Minola
Bianca and Katherine are eligible ladies but no one wants to marry Katherine because of her demeanor. Instead of wooing suitors, she makes the most noise reprimanding everyone even after her father declares that she has to be married first for Bianca to choose her suitors. Katherine contrasts the value of the ideal wife, but her father insists on her marriage.Act 2
The encounter of Kate and Petruchio in Baptista’s house A duel of words ensues when Kate is introduced to his suitor, Petruchio who had come for her hand in marriage. The exchange of words illustrates the uses of puns in the play and what makes this scene memorable is the fact that Petruchio turns the insults into sexual innuendos.
Act 3
Bianca’s suitors battling for her attention in Baptista’s house Both Hortensio and Lucentio are still in their disguises as Litio and Cambio respectively and are adamant on impressing Bianca for her hand in marriage. It is here that the play shows the presence of slapstick through the actions of the protagonists.
Act 4
Petruchio and his servants In this scene, Petruchio and his new wife have arrived at the country home, Pertuchio pretends that his annoyed with the laxity of his servants but it is all a plot to tame Katherine by making her sleep hungry. He returns on stage to address the audience of his…

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