The Somatosensory System and Clinical Application

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The Somatosensory System and Clinical Application

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The Somatosensory System and Clinical Application

The Somatosensory System and Clinical Application
The somatosensory system forms critical aspect in clinical applications. Clinical practitioners in their administration of medical services have the responsibility of prioritizing patients’ nature in response to their environment. The crucial part of the discussion, however, based on the importance of somatosensory system with respect to conscious perception of environmental stimuli such as position, pressure, and temperature (Lundy-Ekman, 2013). The mentioned elements of body surrounding play an important part in the assessment of human body functionality with respect to the nervous system and related cognitive structures. The discussion provides an outline on somatosensory evaluation considering its importance, how to interpret sensory information, what speeds up or slows down the interpretation, facts learnt from the exercise and how important is the evaluation process.
The Facts Learnt from the Discussion
Various aspects of the somatosensory system are complementary with different responses from the body remaining subsequent to the external stimuli. The discussions herein point to two facts underlining the system’s anatomy and functionality. First, the brain as part of the nervous system plays a critical role in interpreting nervous information from the peripheral nervous system (Lundy-Ekman, 2013). Secondly, any structural da…

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