The Role of Lifestyle in the Aging Process

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The Role of Lifestyle in the Aging Process

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The Role of Lifestyle in the Aging Process
It is not possible for human beings to avoid the aging process. However, there are some things people do that contribute to the aging process. For example, people’s lifestyle plays a highly significant role in their aging process. Aging may be regarded as a natural disease because it has been in existence since time immemorial (Rivera 678). An individual’s lifestyle includes beliefs, habits, and attitudes. Having fun is significant in keeping a person energetic and contributing to one’s lifestyle. Maintaining vitality and enthusiasm is an excellent idea because it makes people energetic.
Good nutrition is vital for a healthy body and a person’s lifestyle. There is a correlation between a healthy lifestyle and nutrition in the process of aging. Nutrition plays a highly significant role throughout the life of human beings. Issues of nutrition, health, and aging are closely interlinked (Rivera 675). The aging process and nutrition become correlated at the birth of a human being and continues into old age. Scholars in dietetics and nutrition argue that physical issues associated with older adults are due to challenges of smoking, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition. People who do not engage in physical exercises often have a faster aging process.
Most of the issues that affect people such as chronic ailments are due to lifestyle issues. Some of the chronic issues…

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