The Raven

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The Raven

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The raven
The poem of The Raven who was born on January 19, 1809 narrates the ordeals with a character who is struggling to cope with the realities of the present following the loss of a loved one. As it commences Poe describes how the day was in his hometown Maryland in his anticipation of a guest who is not there in the first place. As described, the person is likely to be Virginia Clem, her wife (Meltzer 2). Following his comments on the realization that the guest was not there and the sounds were just imaginary, one comes to learn that the author is nostalgic of the past; hence the motivation in describing his tribulations with life. He also has the fear of death besides being anxious about the unknown. His intention in narrating the ordeals is to share his experiences with the rest about the tragic developments that followed the demise of Lenore (Meltzer 3). This is affirmed by the statement “from my books surcease the sorrow- sorrow for the lost one”, Lenore.
The selection of a saddening theme is also a way with which the author relives his frustrations; thus freeing his soul from bitterness. He also intends to reveal to the audiences the circumstances in life that can lead one into frustrations such as the demise of a loved one. Another reason for the composition of the piece that manifest in the reading is that the author is hopeless about the future. He has the feeling that the past was more promising, unlike the present …

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