The Pen Plotter Computer System

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The Pen Plotter Computer System

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The History of Computer Art ‘The Pen Plotter’
In the current era, computer technology has rapidly developed to cater for the growing demanding needs in most of the fields. Significant strides have taken effect in technology innovation, and this has seen more sophisticated computer technologies that are more advanced compared to the prior past technologies. Conversely, computer technology has increased its fields ranging from businesses, factories to even military fields. In the military, the implication of Pen Plotter technology has primarily developed a continental air defense system. This has catered for a considerable reduction in some of the atrocities associated with weak air defense system. Therefore, this paper discusses more on the Pen Plotter technology and how it is used by Air Force’s SAGE system to boost out the defense system.
Semi-Automatic Ground System (SAGE) program was developed and established by the United States military air force. The program was established to create a continental air defense system with the purpose of enhancing security defense. This in return would grant forefront protection against nuclear bomb attacks. The program was formed in 1945, a period when the Cold War was in its threshold, and nuclear wars were highly anticipated (Packer 178). Consequently, SAGE system was highly recommendable for the American states. This system was formed to help safeguard the American citizen…

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