The Lottery Theme

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The Lottery Theme

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The Lottery Theme
The setting of the story takes place is a small town with a population of approximately three hundred people. In the story setting, it seems that strong family is the most important to consider as it becomes clear that before the lottery game begins families gather right from the young ones to the senior most member of the family. There is a given allocation for the head of the family, the head of households and the members of every family in attendance. Mr. Summers ensures that every person who needs to be in attendance is personally present while at the same time he accounts for those individuals who were unable to attend the lottery. Throughout the setting, there seems to be togetherness among families and all participants in attendance (D.Dona 1).
The lottery is widely acclaimed as Jackson’s masterpiece and is known for combining various themes ranging from horror, family, hypocrisy, irony and tradition. It is realizable that the sub-urban setting under which the play is conducted is critical in bringing about the various themes under discussion. The town where the lottery takes place is an ordinary and middle-class community where the lottery is a significant ritual kind event conducted annually. In this environment, the children greatly value their relationship with others as they indulge and share openly more on various issues affected their day to day lives such as the classroom or favorite books. The wo…

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