The life and works of George Orwell

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The life and works of George Orwell

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The life and works of George Orwell
George Orwell, formerly known as Erick Author Blair, was born on June 25, 1903, in Motihari, Bengal, which was a British colony currently known as India (Meyers, p. 3). Erick Author Blair was his pen name. Richard Walmesley Blair was his father working in the India Civil Service as the overseer of the opium exports to Asia. In 1904, Orwell moved to England together with his mother, Ida Mabel and his sister, Marjorie. In 1917, Orwell moved to Eton to work as the recipient of the prestigious King’s Scholarship. Later in 1921, Orwell left Eton without a diploma. He recorded his worse memories of the English prep school system in the posthumously printed essay entitled “Such, Such Were the Joys” (Meyers, p. 4).
In June 1922, Orwell passed the entrance exam of the India Imperial Police (IIP) where he was deployed in Burma. While in Burma, Orwell developed his writing skills and wrote other novels such as “Burmese Days” (Meyers, p. 6) and essays like “A Hanging.” Orwell never served in the India Imperial Police for long. He quitted Imperial Police in June 1927 because of his poor health. He reassigned from the India police and decided to serve as a writer. At first, Orwell was using the name Erick Blair (Meyers, p. 5), but in 1933, Erick Blair adopted the pen title George Orwell of which he published his first book entitled “Down and Out in Paris and London” (Meyers, p.5). In 1934, Orwel…

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