The hunters game and twithlight

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The hunters game and twithlight

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John Green on Contemporary YA Fiction After reading the book, we are confident that Green wrote a masterpiece. Unlike Stephanie Mayer, who wrote Twilight appealing to an audience of inexperienced 13-year old girls, and Suzanne Collins, who wrote the Hunger Games, thinking of boys and girls alike. Green looks for “intelligent” readers. Green, following a tradition proposed by J.D. Salinger with “The Catcher in the Rye”. In the novel, Salinger addresses youth from an entirely different perspective, and so does Green. In “The Fault is in our Stars”, Green carries out the premise that teens want to be intellectually challenged. Although teenagers are “developing”, they have brains complicated enough to cope with issues such as death; love; and potentially fatal illnesses. Strictly speaking, to be able to address those questions, and turning them into teenager-related issues, is an effort that deserves praises.
The thing is that there is a large sector of people that consider that YA books must be a watered-down version of life –Stephanie Meyer among them. Those advocates of YA as a duller version of life, are committing a big mistake. Most teenagers want to be challenged, and read books that address their problems and thoughts, not books that speak about idealized situations in the mind of a girl who has never left home – As it is Bella’s case-. Those books are hard to relatable to as not many teenagers…

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