The harlem Renaissance

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The harlem Renaissance

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A Rose for Emily
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In crafting a work of fiction, authors use different elements. Among the elements that go into pieces of writing are setting, plot, and character. These elements need a lot of author’s attention because stories revolve around them. Character and setting play a crucial role in driving the plot events in a story. The role of a character in a story is crucial. A reader will only be interested to read the whole story if he or she connects with the characters in the story. Every story revolves around a character doing a thing or planning to do something for a reason. The reader of a story needs to understand why the main character acts the way he or she does to understand the whole story. The setting, in every story, is also vital. It is the place where the story takes place. It helps the reader to understand the events in the story. For example, a story set in the city in the 21st Century and another in a remote village in the 18th Century would have different tones, word choice and characters’ decisions among others. William Faulkner’s story, ‘A Rose for Emily,’ applies these elements effectively.
Keywords: Author, story, character, setting, plot, events
A Rose for Emily
Different elements are important in a story. They help to make the reader understand the story at a deeper level. The elements of a story include character, plot, and settings among others. Character and setting are very important bec…

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