the golden peaches of samarkand

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the golden peaches of samarkand

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There has been an increasing association of globalization with the twentieth and the start of the twenty-first centuries resulting to the overshadowing of earlier periods. Looking at globalization from a global history perspective would reveal that globalization began way before the start of the twentieth century. The book “The Golden Peaches Of Samarkand” creates a correlation between the silk road and the political, cultural, and social relations among different civilizations. Research into the Silk Roads, for instance, provides a distinct way of conveying the importance of relations between cultures. Historians acknowledge that the origin of the Silk Roads can be traced back to the Tang dynasty campaign of Zhang Qian to Central Asia in the 2nd century. However, contacts between China and Central Asia undoubtedly precedes this time as supported by the discoveries of silk in tombs located in the Middle East before the Tang mission.
Between the 2nd century BCE and 16th century CE, however, there was persistence in commercial activities in Silk Roads, with some conspicuous exceptions. Caravans stopped travelling to China or Iran in of weak or chaotic situations and when merchants and other travellers did have any form of protection while travelling across Eurasia. In the course of these unstable times, there were fragile associations as the only people who would travel were missionaries, trad…

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