Short reactions to readings

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Short reactions to readings

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Women Empowerment
In the article titled “The new abolitionists,” Kristof and WuDunn present the stories of solo activists such as Zach Hunter and Sunitha who did much in the campaign against sex trafficking and prostitution. It is interesting to note that individuals can do a lot in the fight against social ills such as trafficking. It is evident that it always takes an individual with courage and passion to pursue a course that influences the entire world. In the United States, Zach had an impact to the extent that he even presented a petition to the White House. The same applies to Sunitha who helped in the closing of brothels in Hyderabad. So, even though the article presents the story of individuals, there is also the need for collective efforts. The community can also help in ending some of the ills that affect women in the society such as prostitution.
The article titled “What you can do” also narrates the efforts of both individuals and organizations in the campaign for women empowerment. It is clear that from the experiences of previous movements, the local community was not involved. Individuals who led the women empowerment campaigns focused more on the international organizations. It is evident from countries such as Kenya, when the rural women are empowered, the whole community benefits (Kristof and WuDunn 240). Therefore, people who wish to end the problem of human trafficking should empower the margi…

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