The Death Of The Salesman

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The Death Of The Salesman

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The Death of the Salesman
All people have a past. The past that sometimes people never want those close to them learn about. Sometimes we hide the truth from those close to us to protect ourselves. Sometimes the actions are so bad, we want to convince ourselves that what we did was right. We try to believe a lie. After making and believing the lie, people then want to impose the lie on the others. They want them to believe a particular thing. Sometimes people end up believing and living a lie. But it doesn’t take much time before the lie catches up with them. This paper is going to address how one person’s action can affect an entire family. It will explain this by showing how an individual acts, deals with a particular action, and the effects it has on the individual and those around him.
The family in the play consists of four members; the mother, father, and two sons. The father is Willy, his wife is Linda, their first son is Biff and the second one is Happy. Willy is a business. His wife is a house wife. Willy and Biff were so close. Biff believed everything his father told him to be true. From his father’s words, he knew he could do anything he wanted to do, or could be anything he wanted to be. All this, however, changed when Biff learnt on his father’s infidelity.
The thing about life is that it keeps on changing. New things keep coming each day; changes in the personal life, family, society and the commu…

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