The Communist Manifesto

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The Communist Manifesto

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Communist Manifesto
The Communist Manifesto is a political pamphlet co-authored by Karl Max together with Friedrich Engels in the year 1848. Karl Max was a German philosopher, historian, a social scientist, as well as a revolutionary. Arguably, Karl Max is the most influential socialist thinker of the nineteenth century. However, it was after his death when his contributions regarding political, economic, and social ideas got acceptance and recognition in the contemporary society (Chattopadhyay 21). Just like Karl Max, Friedrich Engels was also a German philosopher together with a social scientist. However, Friedrich Engels was a businessperson and a journalist. The two philosophers became partners while in Paris and worked closely with one another that resulted in the production of the Communist Manifesto (Chattopadhyay 23).
The Communist Manifesto is a revolutionary summons that targeted the politicians, the working class, and the influential members of the society. It is the most influential political theories existing to date. The passage attempted to reflect and explain the goals of communism. Karl Max and Friedrich Engels envisaged a society without social classes together with the other attributes associated with the capitalism (Marx & Friedrich 3). These attributes include private property and states. They did not like the exploitative treatment that industrial workers faced at the hands of their superiors. They argued that …

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