The Canadian Labour Market

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The Canadian Labour Market

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The Canadian Labour Market
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The Canadian Labour Market
The aging population in Canada is increasing, and this has created a gap in the labour market. As such, immigrants tend to fill the gap that is created. Further, the number of immigrants taking up positions in Canada’s labor market is expected to continue rising. However, while immigrants play an important role in driving the Canadian labor market, it is still not clear whether immigrants are contented with their jobs compared to Canadian-born workers and earlier immigrant cohorts. The immigrants are usually driven by the need to help their families back home. The paper examines the performance of immigrants in the Canadian labour market, the effects of higher education, age, work experience and changes in income and economic mobility of immigrants. Issues of self-employment and the integration of women and children are also discussed.
Immigrants in the Canadian Labour market
The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) has a mandate of supporting the Canadian economy. The immigration program achieves this objective by increasingly attracting new comers who are immigrants from other nations and ensure their comfort. Currently, there is an indication that the new immigrants to Canada will play a vital role in combating the demographic challenges that are witnessed in the region. The nation is facing an acute number of workers from domestic sources and high rate…

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