The Breakfast Club Movie

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The Breakfast Club Movie

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The Breakfast Club
This is a random play that revolves around five high school students who have been forced to spend their Saturday together in detention. Each of the five teens is kept in detention for different reasons. The writer has separated the characters into five different categories: the criminal, the brainiac, the misfit, the spoiled princess and the jock. These characters are to put aside their differences so as to survive the gruelling eight hours detention with a psychotic and a rash principal, Mr. Vernon. However, they are expected to write a thousand words about their personality while they were still in detention. During the entire day time, their actions portray their innermost struggle about their home lives and their cliques. As the movie advances further, the audience can identify the real reasons why the teens were put in the detention camp that culminates in a climatic discussion of their personalities, which ironically gives an answer to the essay that none of the tees could have written. As the play ends, Brian is manipulated into writing a group essay that he points out the defining nickname of each o the students. Although each student represented a different clique, they combine to form The Breakfast Club.
John Bender is seen as an adolescent who possesses a leader with an aggressive attitude. This reflects on his personal attitude and the poor relationship that he has with the principal, Mr. Vernon, who ha…

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