The book : the color purple by Alice Walker

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The book : the color purple by Alice Walker

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Thesis Statement: In The Color Purple the protagonist- Celie- through a series of letters (epistolary) both to God and her sister [Nettie] narrates of the brutal exploding of sexism and racism she undergoes and also witnesses.
Abstract 1 (Primary Source)
Throughout the novel sexism is highly expressed with black women mainly being subjected to the highest level of discrimination against their gender. Celie’s series of letters to God narrates how she is subjected to abuse. In one letter Celie describes having being subjected to sexual and physical abuse by the man who supposedly is her father, she is married off forcefully to a wealthy local man (widower) Albert Johnson. Celie doesn’t know his real name and only knows him as ‘Mister’. Mister just like any other men is brutal to women and looks down upon women. Violence becomes part of Celie‘s and Mister’s marriage. He beats her because he has no respect for her and women in general. Albert’s son, Harpo once asks his father why he beats Celie- “Harpo ast his daddy why he beat me. Mr._______ say, Cause he my wife. Plus, she stubborn. All women good for—he don’t finish. He just tuck his chin over the paper like he do. Remind me of Pa” (Chapter 13 Par 1). Again we see Harpo being inconsiderate by asking Celie why she is so stubborn towards his father instead of supporting her from the brutality. Harpo and his father view women as slaves who should do everything for the…

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