The Body of American Soldier: Hasbro’s Great Hero

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The Body of American Soldier: Hasbro’s Great Hero

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The Body of American Soldier: Hasbro’s Great Hero

GI Joe is the iconized figure of a boy’s toy to refer to an American Soldier. GI Joe is a hero in the making. His introduction to the American toy market was phenomenal, and this brought growth to Hasbro’s toy manufacturing business. Introduced in 1964, GI Joe represented the American hero who was to salvage the American nation especially in the wake of the Vietnamese war and most particularly after the assassination of the American president John F Kennedy.
GI Joe’s masculine stature represents a social replica of social factors prevailing at that time particularly the over- emphasis on the male in the expense of the female figure and the black’s slavery. GI Joe was a male soldier, and the events of his evolution circumvented around the social aspects during that particular timeCITATION Lev l 1033 (Levine). GI Joe’s evolution through time took the dimension of changes to reflect a symbol of the government of capitalism rather than embrace communism.
Competition stirred the prospects profitability for Hasbro with new entrants coming in thus requiring Hasbro to undertake structural alterations to give distinctive characteristics away from its competitors. The size, shape and diversity of feature were symbols real in the society.
Onwards, GI Joe’s technical alterations resulted in the building of a team symbolic of how the current system of government has evolved during the President Bush’s regime where army generals…

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