The Black Panther Party

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The Black Panther Party

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The Black Panther Party
The creation of the political program of the Black Panther Party was as a result of the development of the Civil Rights Movement which was on its final phase as a movement for economic, political, and social transformation. The similarity between these two movements was that they both aimed at helping blacks and wanted them to have equal rights as the whites. Nonetheless, the Black Panther Party believed that using non-violence would not permit them to realize what they wanted to accomplish. The party used the threat of violence or violence to achieve their goals. The Civil Rights Movement, on the other hand, used protesting. Additionally, the Civil Rights Movement aim was to fight for equal rights between the whites and the blacks, but the Black Panther Party was more concerned about how the blacks were treated and had no regard of the laws.
African-Americans believed that the Blacks were not going to be free until they were in a position to determine their destiny and that is why they were for having their separate institutions. They argued that by having their institutions, they would be able to offer full employment to their people. Additionally, this would ensure that the blacks get decent housing that is fit for the shelter of human beings since the white landlords were not offering the black community decent housing (Newton 83). Most of the Black Power programs started to find meaning with African-Americ…

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