The Benifits Of Cloning

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The Benifits Of Cloning

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The Benefits of Cloning
Cloning entails the creation of an individual which is genetically identical to the existing one. This practice is beneficial since it makes it possible to modify the existing living organisms such as animals and plants and produce improved versions (George). Even though cloning has been associated with some drawbacks such as tampering with diversity, as well as effects to mankind, it has significantly helped in medicine where it has been used to develop medications, helped retain endangered species, helped manage infertility and during drug delivery.
The Opposition
First Argument
Cloning has been found to have the ability to create identical genes. During this genetic material replicating process, some living organisms are prevented from being produced. Scientists only aim at organisms which they feel are important. They assume others which also play profound roles in the ecosystem. This brings about an imbalance in the ecosystem.
Second Argument
The technique has initiated the execution of malpractice in the human setup. Despite the fact that problems have existed before, cloning has led to tampering of the human genes. “It has made a deliberate reproduction of undesirable traits” (George). In turn, this has brought about malpractices which have negatively affected the peaceful coexistence that was there before.
Third Argument
Moreover, cloning has led to the breaching…

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