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Texas Heroes

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My Heroes
Chris Kyle
I am writing this essay about Chris Kyle. Most of the times, I like to write essays on different topics but for a student like me, I did not had a chance to support any Texas heroes before and I think no one can replace Chris Kyle.
Chris Kyle has given numerous American people hope to life their lives freely without the fear of the terrorists. He has become my hero after I came to know that he has done such a tremendous job in protecting our country and it is a moment of proud for every Texas citizen that we have contributed from our side to limit terrorism (Chris Kyle American Sniper).
So, Chris Kyle, I wish I could say that to you in person but thank you for being my hero.

I am writing this essay to encourage efforts made by Beyoncé for helping people of the United States. Beyoncé is surely among the most famous Texas citizens that have given numerous people a hope to live and she is also my hero.
Beyoncé has conveyed strong message through her songs and this is the reason why I like to listen to her. Apart from that, she has also contributed for supporting American heroes on different warfronts through her song. Her works in charity are also quite remarkable and that is another reason why I consider her a true Texas hero (Look To The Stars).
So, Beyoncé, thank you for being my hero and an inspiration for all.

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